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Image by Chris Haws

At Rusticate, our mission is to provide clients with a rustic haven by using sustainably sourced natural materials to create timber frame cabin kits that can be installed virtually anywhere. We produce the quality of craftsmanship used by our ancestors during a simpler time, with an artisanal character that is unique in each creation.   


Rusticate co-owner
“The Engineer”


With over 30 years of experience in the construction and carpentry industries, and a specialty in timber framing and fine finishing, you can count on quality in our products with Matt leading each project.  


His keen eye for artistic detail and a perfectionist work ethic is what makes our products aesthetically spectacular and structurally sound.




Rusticate co-owner

“The Conductor” 


With 25 years of business experience in the outfitting industry, and having coordinated several extensive builds / renovation projects at fly-in only locations in the Far North, logistics and creativity are second nature to Amanda.   

Her passion for rustic design and creating warm spaces, combined with hands-on labour at every step, ensure client satisfaction in each of our creations.

“Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing”

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