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rus·ti·cate: to go into or reside in the country | follow a rustic life

So, you have the perfect property for your rustic escape or cozy guesthouse, or maybe you are the owner of a tourism establishment in need of guest cabins with rustic charm to suit the land. Whatever your reasons for needing a rustic cabin, Rusticate is the expert manufacturer when it comes to timber frame cabins. Whether deep in the forest, or in your own backyard, our rustic cabin kits are the perfect solution for those looking to promote simple living with an emphasis on quality.  We specialize in off grid installations and will help with each step of the process to bring your project to fruition! 

Choose from one of our cabin kit designs below, or contact us for a custom design quote 

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To ensure the level of quality of our timber frame cabins, and to provide clients with a hassle-free experience, we take care of the entire process from start to finish.  For those looking for a turnkey solution, you’ve come to the right place!

What’s included?

The Timber frame cabin kit will include:

  • a digital model and presentation plan of the cabin you selected

  • construction plans for permitting

  • all cabin structure and finishing components including:

    • Insulated floor structure (5-1/2” EPS foam)

    • Timber frame structure​ in Eastern white pine

    • Insulated roof structure (5-1/2” EPS foam)

    • Tin roofing (28 gauge)

    • Insulated wall structure (3” EPS foam)

    • Interior shell finishing of ceiling and walls in pine

    • Window and baseboard trim in pine

    • Main floor and loft floor covering in pine

    • Metal loft railing and ladder in black

    • exterior siding, soffit and fascia

    • White PVC windows (# based on the selected cabin size) and white steel entrance door

    • porch roof decking in pine and tin roofing

    • Cedar decking on porch

    • Entrance steps (max. 36” rise)

    • Exterior door handle

  • installation of the cabin on your foundation

The Timber frame only will include:

  • a digital presentation model of your timber frame

  • the timber frame structure

  • installation of the timber frame on your floor structure

Not included:

  • Municipal permit fees

  • The foundation

  • Interior division walls (optional extra $)

  • Vinyl flooring (optional extra $)

  • coloured exterior windows (optional extra $)

  • Upgrade of insulation R-value to meet your municipal requirements (optional extra $)

  • Upgrade from a ladder to stairs to meet your municipal requirements (optional extra $)

  • Heating source and/or chimney (we can work with your local supplier)

  • Wood stove floor protector plates (optional extra $)

  • Electrical and plumbing installation (we can work with your local providers)

  • solar installation (optional extra $)

  • Delivery costs exceeding 100 km from Wentworth, QC

For information regarding the timber frame structure, wall composition, roofing and all cabin components, please visit our Info page

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